Third Wave Feminism : Women And The Attitudes Of Being A Woman

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In addition, third wave feminism mainly focuses on the physical value of being a woman and the perceptions of being a woman. Social media, television and newspapers portray women in stereotypical ways and third wave feminist are against the viewpoints of the portrayals. They work on self-respect, self-control, and the mental and physical aspect of what it is to be a woman. Third wave feminists are modern and their viewpoints differ from first wave feminists in a plethora of ways. Today, third wave feminist face more internal problems because of the advancement of socialization sites, advertisements and television. Stereotypes of women have increased because of the widespread social media, news, television and advertisements. IN contrast, they have created their definition of a woman. Feminists disagree with the representation of women and accept the name of being a feminist. Nowadays, feminist wear provocative clothing and expresses their feelings through their unique, trendy styles as a symbol of the rebirth of feminism. According to Rampton, modern feminism is girlie and subject themselves with having beauty and brains (Rampton).
After doing research on feminism, I found out new findings such as, how women did not accept the term because of the negative label in the first and second wave. In addition, there are three different waves that happened in different time eras. The main difference between the waves were the age and generation. Although each wave had its own…

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