`` Thinking Like A Mountain, And Matt Ridley 's From Genome : The Autobiography Of A Species

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Nature is here for us to learn and grow. Without it, man and nature goes hand and hand with each other. Without nature, man would not have the ability to survive, and without man, nature would not have the ability to evolve and become useful as well. If man does not take on the responsibility of enhancement, then nature will be unable to supply man its fundamental needs. It has been proven through the readings of Aldo Leopold’s, “Thinking like a Mountain”, and Matt Ridley’s “From Genome: The autobiography of a Species in 23 chapters,” that both man and nature have direct correlation to each other. In my opinion, nature can be used to find oneself through experiences, therefore man should respect and protect it. I also believe that man is apart of a vast, interconnected web, which gives them a responsibility of enhancing the world.
Is the world here for man to use for sustenance as well as pleasure? Or should man respect and protect each nature? To answer the question, the world is put in place for both sustenance as well as pleasure and it should be respected and protected so it can continue to do its job. If man does not respect or protect nature, then nature will not reach its fullest potential to be or become resourceful. Example being in Aldo Leopold’s, “Thinking like a Mountain”, when he hunted and killed off the wolves, it gives the deer an advantage to destroy nature because typically wolves prey on deer. If deer are given an opportunity to destroy what nature has to…

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