They Should Be Out Of It The Heart Of Darkness Analysis

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Bode, Rita. "They … Should Be Out of It: The Women of Heart of Darkness." Conradiana: A Journal of Joseph Conrad Studies 26.1 (1994): 20-34. Rpt. in Short Story Criticism. Ed. Joseph Palmisano. Vol. 69. Detroit: Gale, 2004. Literature Criticism Online. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.
Rita Bode Looks at Heart of Darkness from a female role and mentions that women in the novel are just as important as the men. The men have their own little groups in which they rely on and so do the woman in an equal manner, but the men have a tendency to fall back and need the woman like kurtz needs his fiance, they all share a similar bond. Women in this novel are always present, the men are poaching for ivory to strike rich and bring their riches back home to their wives. Marlow is also being seduced by them and plunging into the heart of darkness. This thesis suggest that women are the darkness behind some of the evil that is being taken place in the Congo. With no woman there would be no point into sticking into riches is what the piece is sort of nudging at, but the greediness of man shows other actions unfolding.
Joseph Conrad,United Kingdom,1899 serial; 1902 book, Blackwood 's Magazine, Print 1900
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Kurtz appears to me as a reader that he isn’t mentally stable and isn’t the man he appears to so many. Kurtz has been away from civilization for a really long time with no one to tell him right from wrong. Kurtz acts polite and dresses well trying to display a high class status when he lacks the morality to back any of those features up. Looking at the text it seems like Kurtz is just done with not knowing what to do and having to make decisions and do everything for himself with no help or social structure to lead him down any path. Kurtz’s true identity is only showed in certain dire situations and we only get a slight brush on the shoulder when it comes to the real

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