Theu.s. Criminal Procedure And Corrections Essay

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In Bolivia, female penitentiaries are not different from the male penitentiaries. One of the female prisons is worse than the majority of its male counterparts. For example, the San Sebastian female prison is far more overcrowded than other prisons. Juveniles convicted under the Bolivian correctional system are not differentiated from adult criminals and housed under the same prison, with no separations. Adult criminals and juvenile criminals receive very little to no rehabilitation programs to improve behavior (, nd). That is a serious issue in the correctional system of Bolivia.
U.S. criminal procedure and corrections:
The criminal procedure for the U.S is a bit more complicated than that of Bolivia, but shares in common the adversarial system of justice. The law enforcement in the U.S must follow proper procedures in arresting and obtaining evidence. If these procedures are not followed properly, it can lead to the release of a suspect and to making evidence invalid in the courtroom (, nd). Under the fifth and sixth amendment, the defendant has the right to remain silent and to an attorney for consultation. The law enforcement officer must let the defendant know of his rights (Miranda Rights). Under the fourth amendment, protections extend to the defendant from unreasonable searches and seizures. Law enforcement officers must abide by these guidelines. The sixth amendment assures the accused will get a speedy trail.

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