There 's No Place Like Home, By Joel Kotkin And Won 't You Are My Neighbor?

1496 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Over the last decade or so, the amount of connections we have developed through technology is astonishing. The many methods of messaging, calling, and interacting with others have skyrocketed recently because of all the digital platforms being created in our modern world. For many smartphone users and other tech savvy citizens, spending quality time with others consists of small take in person while simultaneously scrolling through texts, emails, and feeds. At what point does humanity go from using technology to advance our lives to becoming imprisoned by it, relying on it to feel a “connection”. In the essays, “There’s No Place Like Home,” by Joel Kotkin and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” by Peter Lovenheim, both authors explain their opinion on how well do we actually socialize and know the members of our community. Lovenheim explains the importance of penetrating the barriers we put up between us and our neighbors. After a travesty within his community with an irrelevant impact he conducted an experiment; he’d contact members of his small town and ask to sleepover. Eventually, he was able to stay over with half of those contacted and it turned out to be something special because he had the opportunity to learn and appreciate each of his participants. Kotkin’s article actually addresses the decrease in the nomadic lifestyle among Americans. He argues against the cliché that we are becoming more disconnected from each other. “[Kotkin] sketches a portrait of what he…

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