There Can Exist No Public Good Essay

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There can exist no Public Good, by definition, if there is no Public informing it. The Public is comprised of stakeholders who have a share in whatever outcomes are being determined. Benefits afforded to members of the Public delineate the Public Good. Then, Progress, in turn, arises from the continuous contributions made to the Public Good.
While most people would agree that contributions made toward the Public Good constitute as Progress, very few people could agree on what the Public Good actually is. That is because everyone has a vested self-interest as well as a different view of who makes up their version of the Public.
Progress requires constant reevaluation of what qualifies as the Public Good. Since whoever qualifies as part of the Public is ever-changing, along with our perception of what is Good, so does the societal interpretation of Progress. The Public determines what is Good when deciding Progress, and in turn, Progress then advises us, as the Public, on what qualifies as the new Good. The relationship between Progress and the Public Good should be a constantly revolving cycle where one drives the other.
Therefore, next step in creating Progress from that cycle is to gain the ability to uncloud our personal interests from what we conceive as the Public Good. Progress in the name of the Public Good requires reevaluation of Public Good itself. However, the impedance to Progress is the inability for individuals to think outside of themselves in relation to…

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