Theory Of Personality By George Kelly Essay example

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In “theory of personality” class, we’ve learned about various concepts of factors from different psychologists that would influence one’s personality, but one of the concepts of theories was used by experiencing through behaviors which, was called, “Personal Constructs Theory”, by George Kelly. Another way to understand the personal construct theory would be based upon what influences were brought from personal past experiences that would implement one’s self personality. That was discussed in class about George Kelly’s theory, was that he was different from the other behaviorist, socialist and its type of psychologists who studied mostly through a person’s thoughts and perceptions. In other words, George Kelly included from B.F. Skinner’s theory who was a radical behaviorist who observed through experiments on positive/negative reinforcement and punishments. He added on that feelings and perceptions were included to be observed about how someone would seek things from their own point of view. He also stated, perceptions would influence the behavior so that people can act a certain manner. The Personal Construct theory is defined as through predictions how people see things through two categories as in good, or bad known as scientists to test out their ongoing behavior; also what’s occurring in the present view to would involve one’s behavior of perception. There are 11 different corollaries and the goal is to identify as an individual being such as scientists to observe…

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