Essay on Theory Of Personality And Psychopathology

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Psychotherapy is equipped with a wide variety of therapies, techniques, and orientations based on different models and theories of personality and psychopathology. Client Centered orientation, was developed by Carl Rogers, with a main focus revolving around the clients. Roger believed it is the clients who knew the best way of dealing with their own problems, and by listening to the words of the clients during a session, reflecting on their words and being empathetic, the therapist can help in the most effective way. Roger believed it to be important that the therapist try to understand the client in the best way, and constantly check whether their understanding and interpretation of the clients’ words are accurate. The client centered approach is much about allowing the client to explore their own thoughts and feelings. This model is a non-directive approach: meaning that the therapist does not deliberately steer the client. Rogerian orientation focuses on the core techniques of empathy, and unconditional positive regard.
CBT, on the contrary, uses directive consulting tools to control and guide the therapy session. Both approaches focus on the clients’ problems and issues that are represented in the here and now. CBT and client centered orientations both acknowledge the patient’s ability to change cognitions and facilitate this change thorough a collaborative therapeutic alliance. Additional similarities between the theories can represented through the therapeutic…

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