Theories Of Personality, Humanistic, And Social Cognitive Essay

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There are four major theories of personality which are psychodynamic, trait or five-factor model, humanistic, and social-cognitive. Personality is the sum total of who you are, it is your attitudes and reactions, both emotional and physical. Personality it was makes every individual unique and different from one another. Personality is the unique way in which an individual acts, thinks, and feels thought their lives. Perspectives/ theories are the different ways of viewing and explaining personality. One major theory of personality is the psychodynamic theory which is based on the work of Freud, it primarily focuses on the role of the unconscious mind. The modern psychodynamic theory maintains focus on unconscious mind, concept of defense mechanisms is still useful. A group of Freud’s students and followers of the psychoanalytic perspective, called the neo-Freudians, modified his theory and altered the focus of psychoanalysis. One of the Freud’s followers named Jung believed in both personal unconscious and a collective unconscious that holds universal human memories called archetypes. Adler is another one of Freud’s followers that focused on feelings of inferiority and seeking feelings of superiority s opposed to importance of sexuality; and believed that birth order is important as well. The third followers name is Horney, he disagreed with the concept of penis envy, developed womb envy and rather than sexuality he focused on basic anxiety. The last follower…

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