How Far Was Stalin Responsible For Ww2

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There are several theories for the Motivations of World War Two (WW2). The Treaty of Versailles was signed in June 1920 and Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder explains the repercussions of this by saying “The market had brought disaster, no parliament had an answer, and nation-states seemingly lacked the instruments to protect their citizens from immiseration.” (Snyder 17). I believe that the start of WW2 was caused mostly by Nationalism and Famine induced by the end of World War One (WW1) which was marked by the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and these points set stage for the rise of power for both Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. While both leaders were criminals responsible for millions of deaths I think that Hitler and Stalin should be …show more content…
A major difference between Germany and Russia at this time was Hitler was a fascist leader and Russia was led by a communist dictator Stalin. Fascism is a leader that leads and comes to power mainly by spreading nationalism through the country and blaming a group of people for the troubles of the country. Nationalism is a feeling of superiority of the country you live in and complete devotion to the success of your country. Adolph Hitler was a German soldier during the first world war this gave him an extreme sense of nationalism for Germany. After Germany lost WW1 the Treaty of Versailles was signed this was major part in the rise of Hitler because of the War Guilt Clause. The War Guilt Clause was part of the Treaty of Versailles that forced all of the blame onto Germany and makes them responsible for all loss and damage to all the Allied countries and associated countries. Hitler’s serious nationalistic views of Germany made him feel as though the signing of the war guilt clause was a stab in the back to all German soldiers from their own government, he believed that Germany had never and wouldn’t have lost WW1 had it not been for the German government surrendering. After the war he became obsessed with returning Germany to its former glory, in order for him to do this he began his own fascist group that he used to try and over throw the government but failed and was placed in jail. While in jail he wrote a popular German book at the time titled Mein Kampf or My Struggle in which he laid out his Nationalistic plans for Germany known as Lebensraum, which is translated as Living Space this was Hitler’s idea that Germany needed to expand its borders in order to grow the German race, and his overwhelming hatred for the Jewish population. His plans for Germany laid out in Mein Kampf sparked a sense of Nationalism in Germany and when Hitler was released from jail he began running political

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