Essay Theories Behind Frank Lucas

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Theories behind Frank Lucas
Harlem’s Drug kingpin

With Frank Lucas’ life we will be able to demonstrate and explain a few etiological theories starting with Ethnic succession Theory, differential association theory, and Social Disorganization theory. Before we begin I will explain what each Theory means, then we will be able to apply these theories into Frank Lucas’ life. Ethnic succession theory has the idea that ethnic groups involve themselves in organized crime because of their obstacles towards the so called American dream (Bell, 1953, 1964; Ianni, 1974).
Ethnic Succession Theory contends that most of the organized crime groups in North America aren’t based on ethnic foreign people bringing their criminal cultures or
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Frank Lucas (born September 9, 1930) was a heroin dealer and organized crime boss in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was mostly known for his direct drug trade by buying heroin directly from his source in Southeast Asia. He organized the smuggling of heroin by using the coffins of dead American servicemen (A&E television Network, 2008). Frank Lucas’ life of crime began when he was six years old, what triggered his deviants was the death of his thirteen year old cousin when five members of the Ku Klux Klan showed up at his house one night and killed him, the reason for killing him was because he was caught looking at a white woman. Living in those years were tuff enough; blacks were minorities and not respected like the majority of the community, they did not have the same rights as the whites and not only was it a life of poverty but Frank Lucas, after his cousins death was the eldest of the family, at that time the eldest would be the one supporting the family. Lucas had to put food on the table, forcing him to steal which developed in criminal acts like mugging drunks, to stealing from his boss and setting his house on fire (Tribute entertainment, 2008). This brings us to our first theory ethnic Succession Theory, In those years where ethnic groups where not respected as much as whites, for families like Lucas’ they needed to turn to criminal

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