Essay about Theories And Application Of Today 's Society

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Control Theories: Theories & Application in Today’s Society
In the world of sociology, various theories have been created in which researchers brought to light to describe the ways in which society is comprised, and to help elaborate on individual and group behaviors. These theories are also used to speculate why deviance, or actions that do not obey the social norms of groups, occur and what forms of management can be used to eliminate or work around these forms of socially constructed imperfections. (Downes, Rock, & McCormick., 2013). Most sociological theories, in looking at deviant behavior, infer toward various types of socio-cultural reasoning and the lack of ability for an individual to succeed in conforming to social norms. Control theories, however, demonstrate that deviance occurs due to lack of sufficient formal control and insufficient cultural regulation of behaviors. (Lefebvre, 2016). This theory and its main theorists have been highly influential in reforming the ways in which individuals, architects, parents, law enforcement agencies, and many more are able to develop plans of action to deter deviant individuals. Together they formulate an interesting array of positions, in which can be used to create boundaries between the social norms of society and those that break those norms.
Early Theorists
One of the earliest visionaries of the control theory on record, Edward A. Ross, wrote a book on the theory itself, entitled Social Control; a Survey of the…

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