Theodore Roosevelt And The United States Essay

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A Big Chair for a Big Man
From the shallows of the Ocean to the peaks of Mount Everest people from all over the world come to America with the hopes of fulfilling their lifelong dreams, The American Dream. Without the opportunities offered to emigrants and immigrants in the United States many hardworking individuals would be lacking the basic components required to prosper and mend their lives. All the opened doors would not be accessible without the help of the “Rich and Powerful.” This is where the president in charge could either make or break the chances citizens and outsiders have of succeeding in the United States. Thus, Theodore Roosevelt stepped in and helped shape America and its’ people. His path to greatness would parallel Americas rise to prominence. But, his vitality would energize the nation like never before. From The Sherman Antitrust Act to the Panama Canal Theodore Roosevelt revolutionized the way both Americans and the world perceived the office of the United States.
In a time of dramatic change Roosevelt was the bold leader America needed. Theodore Roosevelt had always been dedicated to the welfare of people. “Roosevelt enrolled in Columbia Law School, but dropped out after one year to begin a career in public service.” (“Milkis”). This allowed him to acquire a better understanding of all social classes across the states. Later On Roosevelt instituted various domestic reforms that helped transformed the free world into a more suitable state. Roosevelt…

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