Theodore Roosevelt And The Progressive Movement Essay

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The early 20th century brought about political, social, and economic changes as well as the steady incline of innovation and development of technology. This steady growth in policies and reform is known as the Progressive Movement. Three presidents were leaders in the era, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. All three advocate of political reform and social activity but each had differing views on the policies that should be enacted for Progressivism. Whether their policies benefited or harmed the country was based on the president in office during that time. Theodore Roosevelt was an effective president during the Progressive Movement because Theodore Roosevelt 's conservation efforts, domestic policies, and foreign policies had a greater impact on the development of American society.

During Theodore Roosevelt’s time in office, the western frontier was immensely populated by Americans. This rapid expansion of the west resulted in the destruction of wildlife as Americans pillaged the frontier for mineral and wood resources. Theodore himself was a huntsman, rancher, and enthusiast of nature, so the destruction of the land appalled him. In response to the destruction of the environment, the Newlands Act of 1902 was passed which authorized Washington to “collect money from the sale of public lands in the sun-baked western states and then use these funds for the development of irrigation projects”(Bailey, Kennedy and Cohen). As a result of this act being…

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