Theodore Roosevelt Achievements

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Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27, 1858 in Manhattan, New York City. He was one of most famous people in the twenty century. Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, governor of New York, writer, and soldier. Also he became the youngest president in the United States. During his entire life, Theodore Roosevelt expanding the U.S navy and lead the soldier won the war in Cuba. This victory led he became a famous hero in the United States. Theodore Roosevelt has many political experiences and achievements cause he became one of greatest president in U.S history. Theodore Roosevelt was born in a wealth family. His mother is Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, and she is an American socialite born at rich family. His father is Theodore Roosevelt …show more content…
Roosevelt continuous on his politics, After few years he became a Civil Service commissioner appointed by president Harrison, then he served as a president of the New York City police commissioner for two years, and Assistant U.S. Navy Secretary appointed by president William McKinley. Theodore was into modernizing and expanding the US Navy. Also let them build big ships for the Navy. In 1898, the Spanish-American war start, Theodore Roosevelt joined to the 1st U.S volunteer Cavalry as a leader. He creates his own regimen soldier called the Rough Riders. He led the Rough Riders won the victory of the battle. After Theodore Roosevelt became a hero in the United States. Also that victory let he won the election became a governor of New York City in 1898. Roosevelt takes the office; he starts to clean up the New York states politics and looks into the practices of businesses in the state. In 1900, Roosevelt was appointed to be a vice president by president William McKinley. At that time, no one interests to take this position. The president William McKinley tries to get rid of Roosevelt’s political power as governor of New York …show more content…
That most remarkable decision that Roosevelt made is to founding the Panama Canal. Also they provide the Panamanian revolution and a naval blockade, that to prevent Colombian army comes to the Panama. In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt came to visit Panama to see the canal. He is the first president travel oversea during his presidency. Also the Panama Canal became one of greatest engineering contribution. This great project let United States control the military power in the Central

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