Theodore Roosevelt : A And Youngest President Of The United States

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Anthea Fisher
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15 November 2015
I. Introduction
A. Theodore Roosevelt was a very bright person who became involved in politics. He became the 26th and youngest president of the United States.
II. Personal Information A. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858, in New York City, New York.
B. Theodore was born to the parents of Martha (Mittie) Bulloch Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. His father loved to give and volunteer. Theodore had three siblings. The oldest was named Anna, but went by Bamie, who had a disability. She had a form of tuberculosis which was called Pott’s disease that caused her inability to stand or walk. Next was Theodore himself, who went by Teedie. He has severe asthma with severe side effects. After him came Elliot, who went by Ellie. The youngest was Corinne, who went by Conie. They thought of themselves as people with high class, but did not like to use the word “aristocrat”. When Theodore was older, he married Alice Lee and had one daughter with her. After Alice died, he went on to marry Edith Carow and produced five children with her. Their names were Theodore, Jr., Kermit, Edith, Archibald, and Quentin.
C. Theodore, as Teedie had started to call himself, left for and attended college on September 27th, 1876, at Harvard. At first, he was socially awkward, but as time went on, his classmates of both genders started to come over. While at school, Theodore put his values first, followed by his health, and then…

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