Theodore Lincoln And Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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What is one of the highest honors for a president in the Untied States? It’s a honor that only four presidents have, and thus a representation of how great they were as presidents. The answer is Mount Rushmore. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are the only four presidents that have been immortalized on the face of that rock. Out of the four the one that is probably the least well known is Roosevelt, but there is a reason that Roosevelt was chosen. He was one of, if not the, most eccentric and remarkable presidents and that can be seen through his life his actions as president and the huge significance he has left on American history. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born in 1858 to a privileged family in New York City. His family came from old money, which allowed Roosevelt, or TR as he became known as, to have a childhood many children at that time dreamed of. His family went on trips often both domestic and international. However, TR did not get to enjoy those luxuries as much as he could have. He was a sickly child who was diagnosed with severe asthma by the age of three (Donald 2). He struggled with his health until he got into college boxing and soon he became a man of perfect health.
After college he got into politics where he went to serve as a New York assemblyman for three terms. Then on February 14, 1884 Roosevelt’s wife died in the morning followed by his mother that afternoon. That day in his journal TR wrote, “ The light…

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