Themes Of Optimism And How It Weaves Its Way Into The Hardships Of Rukmani 's And Nathan 's Lives

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Everyone faces hardships differently, and with every hardship, individuals have the verdict of whether to persevere or surrender. In the novel Nectar in a Sieve, the author Kamala Markandaya explores themes of optimism and how it weaves its way into the hardships of Rukmani’s and Nathan’s lives. Throughout the novel, the family faced many challenges. These challenges were indeed difficult at times, but certainly not impossible to deal with when one is in an optimistic state of mind. Though the present can be unkind—and under the circumstances, all may seem hopeless—the outcomes will be favorable in the end if hope is instilled. Not only should hope be there as a comfort, but it should be used with a greater passion, otherwise it shall be ineffective. Hope can get people through grief, and through unexpected life events. Not only can hope be used to benefit the individual, but one person’s optimism can impact everyone 's. The idea of optimism not only being instilled by one person to get him or her through a hardship, but the idea that unification of hope will allow people to build off one another. All in all, the author uses literary devices to indicate hardships faced by the characters and compares it to the ideas of optimism and hope. Throughout the novel, the idea of having an optimistic perspective on the future, can motivate one to achieve his or her goals. In the novel, Rukmani and Nathan were impinged by poverty and hunger. Although…

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