Themes In Lamb To The Slaughter

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In each short story, violence has been introduced as one of the main themes. 'Lamb to the slaughter' by Roald Dahl is no exception. In fact, it is full of aggressive, violent and impulsive actions that make the story gruesome and somewhat, very unorthodox. Even though, the probable lesson that everyone would make out from this story is that anyone can get away with murder, if they make a clever plan, the author is not encouraging violence in any sense. The author is trying to give a completely different message. Mrs. Maloney is a nice, caring woman yet when she hears her husband's decision, she impulsively murders him. The author is simply trying to say, that everyone in this world has a violent and dark side.

Violence is a clear theme in the story. Mr.
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Maloney has killed her husband, she pretends that nothing has happened. She begins to construct her alibi, unaffected by the crime she has committed. She goes to the grocery store, to buy some vegetables for dinner. She pretends as though she has to cook for Mr. Maloney, in front of the grocer. Her alibi has been made. When she gets back home, she cries and calls 911 to report her husbands murder. Although, no physical act of violence has been committed, this whole scenario screams cruelty. Not only is Mrs. Maloney completely calm, after murdering her husband, she is now hiding the murder. Hence, 'violence' has again been shown as a theme.

When the detectives arrive, Mrs. Maloney is cooking the lamb she had actually used as a murder weapon. Leaving the detectives to think the murder weapon is some sort of a bar, Mrs. Maloney very kindly feeds them with the lamb. In the end, she bursts out in giggles. This shows the violent nature of the protagonist of the story. While feeding the police with the murder weapon, she laughs. A shocking reaction from a woman who was introduced as sweet and caring. The aggressive nature of Mrs. Maloney is the final evidence behind the introduction of violence as a

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