Themes In A View From The Bridge

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Arthur Miller was an American playwright who produced the play "A View from the Bridge", first staged on September 29, 1955. It was made into two acts after being unsuccessful as a one Act verse drama. The play is set in the 1950s America, in an Italian-American neighbourhood called Red Hook, a slum area, in New York at the Brooklyn Bridge . Miller heard the story from a lawyer who worked with longshoremen and soon he developed it into a drama first staged on September 29, 1955. It was related to him as a true story. The play is a tragedy. The Greek tragedy playwritting style strongly influenced Miller making his plays reflect important political and social comments in communism.
The play has many themes including the theme of illegal immigration,
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The family lived in peace until Catherine buys a new skirt and high heels and decides to work as a stenographer. At this point in the drama, the over-protective qualities of Eddie becomes a cause of many conflicts amongst the characters "You gonna keep her in the house all her life?". This quality makes Eddie regulate many aspects of Catherine's behaviour such as demanding her to change her shoes "what's the high heels for, Garbo?" and her skirt "you're walkin' wavy!". Catherine acts childishly and inappropriately around Eddie and unaware of his feelings towards her which grow fonder by the time. Alfieri figured out how Eddie feels towards his niece and tried to make him confess it but Eddie concealed it and replied (furiously) "what're you talkin' about, marry me!". He keeps his feelings for himself because he knows that this illicit love will corrupt his marital relationship with Beatrice making him appear less of a man "when am I going to be a wife again, Eddie?". Tension is initiated by the language used like exclamatory and interrogative sentences, and also due to Eddie's reactions to the different situations. All the conflicts in the drama are a result of Eddie's reaction towards different …show more content…
Eddie got struck by Rodolpho's platinum blonde hair "and with that wacky hair;" and soon learns that he can sing, dance, cook and sew, making him appear more of a female in Eddie's perspective "The guy ain't right". When Catherine and Rodolpho fell for each other, Eddie started getting jealous and blamed Rodolpho that he wanted to marry Catherine for the papers as he was an illegal immigrant "..the only reason for it is to get his papers" "submarine". He later consults Alfieri for the first time to get rid of Rodolpho and to show Catherine that he is not honest, and so gives him reasons to prove his point: "He's a blonde platinum" "if you close the paper fast- you could blow him over" "you wouldn't be looking for him you would be looking for

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