Themes And Symbolism In Fences

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The family is the strongest bond in everyone’s life. Anything can be possible when children get full support from their families. Fences by August Wilson is a play about a middle-class black family in the 1950s, and it is set in Pittsburgh. In Fences, Troy Maxson is the head of the family. He has two sons-- Cory and Lyon. Cory, his youngest son, is being recruited to play college football, but Troy never supports him. The goal of this research paper is to provide the reasons why Troy does not give complete attention to his son's football career. The conflicts that Troy experiences in his relationship with his son relate strongly to his past relationship with his own father, the racism that exists in becoming a baseball star, and Troy’s career …show more content…
Troy Maxson was never happy with his life. His past was ruined by his father and his present was never good enough for him. Maxson always wanted to stand on his own feet and provide for his family. He wanted to do something that his father never did for him. Basically what August Wilson is saying is that Troy was poisoned from his relationship with his own father. Even though Troy wanted to be different from his father, he ended up handling his sons the same way. Fences have lots of themes and symbolism in the story. One of the best themes of this story is the ideal of responsibility. Troy learned the sense of responsibility from his father. Troy learned it in a difficult way, which made it hard for him to forget. The characteristics and personality of the father were being passed on from generation to generation in Maxson family. What August Wilson is trying to teach the audience from this story is that people must learn to forgive each other. Even when a person believes that he/she is right in the argument, he/she must learn to look the situation from another person's point of view. If Troy had looked from Cory point of view about his desire to play football, then Troy would have understood it more. The mistakes in Troy’s life was that he never tries to back down. He has no fear, that’s why he challenged death at the end and died of a heart

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