A Short Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The purpose of this study is to make a brief analysis of a short story by using the means of literary term of the theme. The aim of analyzing this story is to try to figure out how the author used certain element and figures through the symbolism in order to create a deeper theme in the story. Aplication of the traditions play a significant role in the story of the Lottery by Shirley Jackson. Meanwhile, as the modernization creates a gap between the older and younger generations in the story, this study is goint to put a scope on reflections of modernization in this story.

So, what is theme all about?. These is the central idea that directs and shapes the subject matter of a story, play of poem. It is the views of life or the insights into
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What is an idea then? For instance, stating such as ‘’ It’s a nice day ‘’ is likely an observation as it gives interlocutor no idea and does not stimulate his / her mind. Rather, a sentence asserting an idea such as ‘’ A nice day requires light breezes, blue sky, a warm sun, and relaxation ‘’ carries a thought of the speaker and allows the interlocutor to consider and develop the idea of a nice day. [2]

The Lottery is a short story written in late 1940s by Shirley Jackson, an American author widely well known for her novels, ghost stories and horror tales. Probably her best work, the Lottery, the story takes place on an small town populated by around 300 people. The villagers of this small town gather on 27 Jun of every year and plays a lottery among themselves. Old Man Warner, one of the key character of the story often states the very same sentences each year when the lottery comes: ‘’ Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon. ‘’

When the time for lottery arrive, everyone in the town meets up in the center of village and children begins to play and gather some stone, adult womans to gossip, mans to decide something crucial, in a great hurry.. In like manner, a mysterious black box wanders every house owner in the town for every year, regulary. Once the preparation is done, the folk begin to draw papers for each
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The one pulls the paper with black hole, wins the prize, which is lapidation. Meanwhile, in order to increase the keenness of the reader’s, the author gives some foreshadowing before the end and mingles some mytery into the story. As an illustration, at the very beginning of the story the children begins to gather stone piles. Secondly, Mrs. Hutchinson, the winner of the lottery cries as: ‘’ It isn’t fair, it isn’t right! ‘’
As the modern world moves into the modernization, the process affects every corner of the US more or less, so the little town in the Lottery as well. At one place stands a villager named Old Man Warner who claims that one is his 77th time of attending the lottery tradition whereas some younger adults murmurs for: ‘’ Some places have already quit lotteries ‘’ on the sly. Old Man Warner’s answer wouldn’t delay: ‘’ Nothing but trouble in that. A pack of young fools. ‘’ So, that shows the reader that some of nearby towns has been left that wierd tradition as they got effected by the modernization process of

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