Comparing Sexism In Fitz's Antony And Cleopatra

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Central Thesis
The main focus of this work is to provide a better understanding of how sexism could shape literary work and its responses as well as critiques. Through two main definitions of Anthony and Cleopatra such as "the fall of a great general" and "transcendental love" (Fitz, 297), the author of the reading explains how several critics have written adequately different responses over the years to the Shakespeare version of the story. Most of the approaches to the play have been depicted by sexist expectations or theories different writers have had in mind while critiquing the work, which had definitely distorted the original intention of the play. Furthermore, one can observe how the sex of the critic could completely change the point of view of Shakespeare’s play, and how most of males critics do not consider Cleopatra as a hero, or even as the protagonist of the play and the story, but instead they insist Anthony is. In
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On one hand, there are responses of people that believe that the last act of the play, which was entirely performed by her, was an unnecessary addition, while others believe the story would be absolutely incomplete without this last act. Nevertheless, it is understood and generally accepted that writers with bias could change the main theory of a story to accordingly fulfill his/her ideas, and this makes writing so particular, but at the same time not nearly objective enough. In any case, Shakespeare’s plays succeeds in depicting both scenarios and Fitz’s reading also does a magnificent job at acquiring several opinions and describe them in a subjective, real

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