Theme Of Realism In The Three Sisters

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Realism is a literary movement which began in France in middle of nineteen century. It deals with the themes and ideas associated with daily life. A realistic picture of society with issues related to common man and social and cultural system are portrayed as it is. Realism was the reaction against “Romanticism” where life is depicted with all its harsh and soft realities, where relations and situations are presented without idealizing, flattering or romanticizing.
It deals specially with the issues of middle working class and lower class rather than only addressing to aristocrats and royalty. Protagonist is an ordinary character unlike heroes with conventional traits of goodness, class and great virtues. Language in realistic work
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The play depicts Realism from the very beginning where incorporating the naturalistic techniques with realistic touch the stage is set (which is of a house with provides a glimpse of both inner and outer environment). As the play is written in 1900, it is the transitional period where degradation of aristocratic class and emergence of working class is shown. The changes which this phase has brought in the life of the three sisters (Olga, Masha and Irina), Andrey and other charactesis the story of play. Along with breakdown of aristocratic system, confused and frustrated lives due to lethargy and influence of superficial society, conflicts in marriage, isolation, memory and time, freedom and love, need for work and societal constraints are the realistic elements painted in the

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