Marxism In Holden

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Life is neither good or bad, it 's what you make it. In some cases, people evolve illnesses which changes the way they see life. Holden is a special case, who has a variety of illnesses, which might explain why he is having trouble adjusting, or the reason why he acts the way he does. In “The Catcher in the Rye,” J.D.Salinger shows Holden Caulfield having trouble adjusting to society and withdrawing from social interaction caused by his Post Traumatic Stress. Explaining why he thinks negative, or why he lacks on adjusting to society. By Holden focusing in death throughout the story as an effect of PTSD, with his wishes to die and starting all over. Especially the witnessing of deaths expressed in the story, causing his PTSD.

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One symptom would be his sleeping problems. That even Ackley mentions to Holden that it 's late already, but Holden believes otherwise “It isn 't late. It 's only around eleven, eleven-thirty”(53). Which keep recurring as Holden decided to leave Pencey Prep and go to a Hotel and kill time as “It was still pretty early. I 'm[he is] not sure what time it was, but it wasn 't too late. The one thing I[he] hate to do is go to bed when I 'm[he is] not even tired… I thought I’d go downstairs…”(74). Another symptom would be the lack of social interaction. He “was standing way the hell up on top of Thomsen Hill… because practically the whole school except me was there…”(5). But that 's not all, his illness leads him to stop trying in school causing him to be kicked out of Pencey Prep and other schools (Elkton Hills and Whooton). Seeing himself with no future or dying of an illness or suicide, like having cancer and dying from it. That brought to Holden’s mind after reading a magazine of Hormones and how to tell if you have Cancer. “So I[he] started getting worried about my[his] hormones… I’d[he] had this sore on the inside of my[his] lip for about two weeks. So figured I[he] was getting cancer.”(215). Another symptom that Holden shows is when he is apparently clingy for a moment with Ackley when he doesn 't actually like him. “I[Holden] felt so lonesome, all of a sudden. I[he] almost wished …show more content…
His illness might have been caused from one single event or more. As his PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) might have lasted for a short time, once he saw the dead body of his classmate that actually might have increased his PTSD to last longer. That it is still undetermined, but Holden shows more than a symptom. He shows Lack of social interaction, having trouble sleeping recalling tragic events, and more, which are all PTSD symptoms. Which answers why he lacks from social interaction, and his trouble adjusting in society, his fear to connect with people and fear to lose them, and for seeing his future as meaningless. As everyone at least once in their life experiences a trauma, but most people recover from initial symptoms naturally. However some people continue to experience problems, like Holden . That 's why Holden is diagnosed with

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