Theme Of Naivety In Much Ado About Nothing

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The theme that I chose to comment on from the play Much Ado about Nothing is communication difficulties, harm caused by lack of trust and naivety. In the first two lines, I addressed communication difficulties and Friar Francis’s plan (4.1.200) to have Hero sit in a room while they pretended she was dead so they could see if Claudio felt any remorse for what he did. While she was sitting in the room she was probably hurt, thinking about why he did not come talk to her and wishing that he did. Lines two and three address how Claudio accused her of something she did not do and how him being naive hurt him in the beginning of the play and how it has now hurt her. In act 2 scene 1, after the dance, Don John told him lies and he believed them without …show more content…
This is the first time Claudio is hurt by his naivety.
Now in act 5, he chose to believe what Don John’s accomplice has told him and see something that was assumed to be true but was false. He once again did not communicate with the other person, Hero, but let something stand in the middle and mess everything up. This shows his naivety again, he knows what kind of person she is but he chose to believe otherwise and this example relates to the communication difficulties and lack of trust. This time his naivety not only hurt him but it has hurt Hero and her family and friends. This example also addresses communication difficulties between the lovers because he did not go and talk to her. Lines five, seven, twelve, thirteen and nineteen of the song relate to the theme harm caused by lack of trust. Since Claudio did not trust her and accused/shamed her for infidelity, her dad wished death on her, she now has to fake being dead and her reputation along with her families is ruined. Claudio’s lack of trust in their relationship/love, future and in her character caused a lot of pain not only to her but her dad and cousin. Now it has ruined several relationships and

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