Relationships In Twelfth Night

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Love is a basic human emotion that creates conflict within the people. Twelfth Night, a 1605 play, written by William Shakespeare focuses on various types of love. The following types of love are repetitive throughout the play; familial, hidden, friendship, unrequited love. The characters variety of relationships portrays different types of affection throughout Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night had four characters in the play that were related. Viola and Sebastian were identical twins; Olivia and Sir Toby were niece and uncle. Viola and Sebastian were separated during a sea storm; Viola had washed ashore of Illyria; Sebastian arrived in Illyria weeks later; the twins thought each other were dead. When Viola washed ashore of Illyria, in order to …show more content…
While working for Duke Orinso, Viola began to fall in love with him. Viola said “ To woo your lady-(aside) Yet, a barful strife- Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife”, this quote means Viola will try to make Olivia love him but she wants to marry him herself (Shakespeare 28). Viola only been working for Duke Orinso three days before she fell in love with him. Viola’s love for Duke Orinso was infatuation. Infatuation is passion alone, obsessive love at first sight without intimacy or commitment (Rathus 339). Although, Viola could not be with Duke Orinso because she was a “man”. This type of affection affected Viola in her working progress because she daydream about her and Duke Orinso often. Duke Orinso was confused on his feelings and love for Cesario (Viola). He believed that he was starting to like Cesario (Viola) but he was confused. Duke Orinso fell in love with the way Cesario (Viola) acted and his physical appearance. Physical appearance is a key factor in attraction and in the consideration of romantic partners (Sprecher 2008). When Cesario (Viola) started settling in with his work for the Duke he began to open up more with him; Duke Orinso began to talk to Cesario (Viola) about love and women. Duke Orinso said “Diana’s lip Is not more smooth and rubious.” Duke Orinso means Cesario (Viola) lips are smooth and red. Duke Orinso was contemplating on how he felt for Cesario (Viola) because it was not common for another man to talk about another one’s physical features. Duke Orinso also could not be with Cesario (Viola) because he was a man. Duke Orinso also could not be with Cesario (Viola) because homosexuality was considered taboo in the time period and was punished by death (Calamai 2). Duke Orinso was in a bind he did not know which road to go down but he kept his feelings to

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