Theme Of Love And Hate In A View From The Bridge

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People who care about another to such an extreme may mistakenly do things that ultimately lead to the down fall of the relationship. There is a fine line between love and hate, and given the circumstances, love can be misguided and result in turning the relationship into a hateful one. Sometimes we do things for our loved ones that we think is the right thing, but emotions sometimes causes us to be blind or ignorant of another’s actual needs, causing us to act in a damaging way. Acts outside of what is deemed to be of the norm many times are not just a random act. Instead, they are often a response to something that goes against their moral convictions, or in this case, being deprived. I will talk about two quotes and how they relate to certain themes of A View from The Bridge, a short story by Arthur Miller. The quote “Love cannot stifle nor can it dictate. Either of those circumstances will turn a tender feeling into something ugly”, by …show more content…
Eddie’s and Catherine’s relationship increasingly become suspicious throughout the story. It becomes apparent that the kind of love they have for each other is inappropriate, or for the very least Eddie’s is revealed through his actions towards her nearing the middle-end of the book. Love and Hate are very similar in the way of their emotional intensity, and can, and sometimes are, converted into the other. Love can lead us to commit selfish acts out of the feelings towards the other person that we wouldn’t ordinarily do otherwise. Eddie’s unusual position of his fatherly figure along with his miss-developed feelings make him a recipe for disaster in Catherine’s life. His sexual emotions for her disable him from being able to give proper support to his niece. He applies his feelings towards his fatherly figure position, which ultimately leads to the downfall of the relationship, or the conversion from love to

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