The Effect Of Relationships In Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet By Jamie Ford

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Hate is a word people use almost everyday. They hate getting out of bed, hate going to work, hate people. In today's world, it seems to be that hate has become more prominent than love. Hateful relationships have become so normalized in society, that people do not even think twice when they see or hear about them. As much as people try not to acknowledge it, hateful relationships are an important part of who we are, as are all relationships in a person’s life. The relationships one has in their life can change them and mold them into who they are. In the novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, by Jamie Ford, a common theme that occurs in the novel is that relationships shape a person into who they are.
The first relationship that shapes
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Henry’s connection with his father has a drastic effect on the man he is today. Having grown up surrounded by discrimination and hatred causes Henry to be more accepting of other people and their views. Because he has had no choice but to hide major parts of himself and his life as a child, he tends to be closed off about himself, his views, and his past. His relationship with his father motivates him to be a better father to his son. That imperfect family is what leads him to this point in his life. Henry notes that “perfection isn't what families are all about” (146). That father son bond is undoubtedly important to Henry, even though he is not the best at showing it. Being a father causes Henry to take control and care for others, not just himself. The relationship between Henry and his son builds him and changes him for the better. He strives to shape himself into the best version of himself he can be for his son’s sake. The relationship that has a lasting effect on Henry’s life is his relationship with Keiko. She is the first person Henry loves, she teaches him how to love. It shows him how to fight for what he wants, no matter the cost. Having his girl and relationship brings out the kind and compassionate side of his personality. All of these relationships have a drastic effect on the way he lives his life

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