Theme Of Jim Sanderserson's Faded Love And Euripides Medea

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Jim Sanderson’s Faded Love and Euripides’ Medea come from completely different points in time, yet they show numerous similarities. In this paper I will examine literary elements in both works that help develop the story, the role of tragedy as a theme, and numerous similarities that are listed throughout both stories.
In Faded Love we start our short story in Odessa, Texas at a car dealership where two former University of Texas football players by the names Bailey Waller and Pooter Elam work. Immediately into the story Bailey confronts his boss about wanting to take a job elsewhere at the local middle school as a history teacher and football coach. Bailey’s boss agrees without hesitation and helps him secure the position. Bailey’s love interest
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Although the following examples are not the same literary elements they are both used in the same way to intrigue and gain the reader’s attention. In Faded Love Sanderson used foreshadowing early on within Bailey’s character that makes the reader want to read further to garner the information he foreshadows. For example, Sanderson foreshadows an event to occur later in the story by using the phrase, “Though he wasn’t sure and couldn’t explain it, he felt a terror that his life, like Bud’s, was about to unravel”(Sanderson 12). Sanderson keeps the reader on their toes and questioning what comes next. In Medea Euripides strikes the reader with dramatic irony on opening page of the play to grasp the reader’s attention. Medea’s nurse exclaims, “I know and fear her lest she may sharpen a sword and thrust to the heart, stealing into the palace where the bed is made, or even kill the king and the new-wedded groom…”(Euripides 361). Even though the play opens with a statement revealing the course of action for the play, it let’s the audience in on what will become of the characters with just enough suspension questioning when the series of events will …show more content…
Appearing in his first football game as the head coach, Bailey lost his temper and aggressively shook one of his football players like a rag doll in front of every one in the crowd. This resulted in Bailey’s job termination and ultimate downfall. In Medea, Medea herself is openly ranting of how Jason has left her to the women of Corinth and even states her plans to invent a plan to get back at him, his father-in-law and Glauce. Kreon catches wind of her words and feels threatened by them. Kreon has no other choice but to order Medea and her son’s to be exiled from Corinth to ensure the safety of his own family. Both Bailey and Medea suffered consequences directly due to their poor

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