Theme Of Irony In Things Fall Apart

As we all know irony is a huge part of Things Fall Apart, the book as a whole is based upon irony. Irony can be seen through out the book and is what drives the action forward.

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Lets take a look at the life of our main character Okonkwo. Throughout the book Okonkwo strives to be the best and be unwavering in front of his bad fortunes,” “Since I survived that year,” he always said, “I shall survive anything.” He put it down to his inflexible will.”. His biggest motivation was his hate towards his father. We are told that his father Unoka was a lazy man who owed a lot of money to neighboring villages and his clansmen. In addition he was lazy and was being drunk very often, “In his day he was lazy and improvident…Unoka,the grown
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Nwoye stood looking at him and did not say a word. The women were screaming outside, afraid to go in. (17.16-19) , here Okonkwo is enraged that his son could betray the clan and its traditions , those traditions that Okonkwos self respect is based upon, so he reacts in the only way he can , through violence , he doesn’t make any effort in understanding his son. Okonkwos son turns out to be like his father , banished from the village, with no chance of acquiring titles. This ironic occurance flips Okonkwos balance. After seeing the village being colonized with couple of converts . Okonkwo and the leaders try numoursly to chase out the Europeans throught violent acts , but without success , in the end when Okonkwo sees that nobody is there to back him up , he commits suicide, “Okonkwos machete descended twice and the mands head lay beside his uniformed body…He knew Umofia would not go to war…” , Okonkwo is desperate and takes his own life since he sees that his tribe has changed and doesn’t share the same values as him anymore. After taking his life Okonkwo ultimately ends up like his father , “It is an abomination for a man to take his own life. It is an offense against the Earth and man who commits it will not be buried by his clansmen.” Unoka , his father ,dies in the evil forest without being buried by his tribe , and the same happens to Okonkwo , dies without titles and …show more content…
Women in the novel are not treated as equal to the men and this is obvious, men are those who fight, lead and acquire wealth for the family. We can see throughout the novel that Okonkwo regards women as weaklings and any sign of affection shown by a man is a feminine trait and he does not deserve to be call a man. We can see that often Okonkwo allows himself to beat his wife , but does he do it because he hates her or because he does not love her? No , Okonkwo is so estranged from the feeling of love and compassion that the only way he can express those feelings is through violence , because he fears those emotions , he fears that he might be called agbala. Often the women are severely hurt , strangled and even shot at , used as devices by men to release their rage outwards. If that’s the case , who then is stronger from both, the man whos violence, fear and ignorance makes him demonstrate anger , or the woman that showed compassion towards the man beating her because she knows that deep inside he feels and loves her. If you think about it , in the village women are those who take care of the household while men are gone and women are those who prepare dinner , clean the house and cleanse it. They are the anchor that a man may find strength in. Also the only person who can understand the oracle and is ultimately the connection with their

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