Theme Of Ignorance In Romeo And Juliet

Ignorance is the lack of knowledge towards a certain subject and it can cause great conflict. This idea is presented often in the play Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, a play about a pair of star crossed lovers who fall in love and secretly get married. As problems come their way, they decide to take hasty actions. This is all due to their lack of knowledge. Ignorance caused love, violence, and poor decisions that ultimately led to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths.
Ignorance caused many things that lead to the death of Romeo and Juliet. Ignorance causes love. For example, at the end of Act I in Scene 5, Juliet meets Romeo for the first time at the Capulet's party and doesn’t realize that he is her “enemy.” After, the nurse tells reveals the truth to her, Juliet says, “My only love sprung from my
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For example, Romeo was told that Juliet was dead. Little did he know, Juliet was only faking her death in hopes to see Romeo again. He is oblivious to the fact of that so he traveled back to Verona to kill himself. When he’s in the tomb, he sees Juliet in the tomb supposedly dead, but still with life in her cheeks. He didn’t know that it was a sign of life (although he should have), so he drank the poison to kill himself.This was a bad decision because it causes sorrow throughout the Montague family. Making bad decisions on impulse was how Romeo and Juliet killed themselves.
Ignorance causes these rash decisions for other reasons. When Tybalt died, Capulet decided to make a quick and hasty arranged marriage between Juliet and Paris. He thought Juliet was grief stricken due to his death. That was not the case. Because Capulet arranged the marriage, it caused Juliet to visit the Friar who gave the potion. This caused a domino effect; Benvolio saw Juliet in her coffin, Romeo thought Juliet was dead, Romeo kills himself, and Juliet kills herself. This foolish choice indirectly caused Romeo and Juliet’s

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