Constraint In Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot

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There is evident constraint within the play Waiting for Godot, how far it is a play about the condition of constraint is a matter that raises some discussion. The play covers constraint in many ways, from the way is has been written and produced, the set and props to the internal world and its story. There is evident constraint portrayed by the characters which is amplifyed by the use of language and their interactions with each other. It is possible to go beyond the simple viewing of the play to try to see the message that Becket is trying to communicate through his play and whether it is a play about being constrained or about how to end constraintment. Beckett made decisions about the writing of the play that signifies his ability to work …show more content…
The pair have a close relationship as demonstrated by the similar use of language, easy tone and effortless capablility to produce alomost poetic conversations. It is their relationship that keeps them in their place, both of them reassuring the other about the intended meeting and attempting to remind themselves why they are meeting, both not wanting to admit that they have forgotten the reason why they wait, ' 'What exactly did we ask him for?/ Were you not there?/ I can 't have been listening. ' (Beckett, S, 2006, p9) they have 'a need to wait for Godot without knowing who or what Godot is and why waiting is necessary. ' (Gupta, S, 2005, p225) Estragon and Vladmimir also suffer from their own physical constrainments, such as Vladimirs feet, and while these do not inhibit their ability to move from their meeting place it shows that they are extremely reluctant to listen to advice to help aliviate themselves of their plight, 'Boots must be taken off every day, I 'm tired of telling you that. ' (Beckett, S, 2006, p2) which may be a comment on the wider theme that Becket is going

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