Theme Of Chaos In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar Essay Chaos will strike across the whole city of Rome after the ruler is killed by a dangerous mob. This occurs in the tragic play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, which follows the lives of Caesar and the conspirators before and after Caesar's death. Chaos erupts when the conspirators manipulate Brutus into killing Julius Caesar for the good of Rome. Manipulation by clever people occurs many times in the play. In the beginning Cassius realizes Brutus can be persuaded when Cassius says, “Thy honorable mettle may be wrought” (1.2.302). Cassius then proposes an idea in which he will send Brutus letters that seem to come from different people talking about Caesar’s ambition (1.2.308-312). After Brutus receives the letters …show more content…
Shortly after Antony’s speech the enraged citizens took off to kill the conspirators. The citizens came across Cinna the poet. They knew he was innocent but decided to kill him anyways then continue on to burn the houses of the conspirators (3.3.25-36). Brutus and Cassius flee and Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus now rule Rome. The triumvirate discuss which of their enemies they should kill, “Upon condition Publius shall not live, who is your sister’s son, Mark Antony.” “He shall not live. Look, with a spot I damn him. But Lepidus, go you to Caesar’s house. Fetch the will hither, and shall determine how to cut off some charge in legacies” (4.1.4-9). Brutus and Cassius are now at war with the triumvirate. With all of the chaos going on around, Cassius believes he has been defeated. He kills himself with the sword that helped kill Caesar. “Caesar, thou are revenged even with the sword that killed thee” (5.3.47-48). Brutus later kills himself saying he killed Caesar not half as willingly as he killed himself, “Farewell, good Strato. Caesar, now be still. I killed not thee with half so good a will” (5.5.50-51). After manipulation by the conspirators, chaos blew up in the city of Rome. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare followed the lives of those living in Rome and what chaos the death of Caesar brought to them. Was killing Julius Caesar a good idea after

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