Their Eyes Were Watching By God Analysis

“Their Eyes were watching by God,” by Zora Neale Hurston is a great Novel which clearly describes that the life of women in a low social class society that was better than the high social class society in the southern region of the united states during the past decades. The story is about a girl Janie Crawford 's who lived with her grandmother and was searching for the true love. The story describes the childhood of Jenie in which its talk about how Janie was different from other people during her childhood. After which the story tells about how Janie got married one after another by three different people and her life. First she got married to the old man Logan Killicks (a farmer) as her grandmother offered Jennie to marry, but this man could not give her the pleasure of their relationship. After which Janie gets into a relationship with Joe Starks (a mayor), and gets married. Joe always let her down in front of others. Finally, After the death of Joe, Janie falls in love with Tea Cake (a migrant worker) who loves Janie, which was “unique from her previous marriages because her marriage with Tea Cake involves love; consisting of happiness, …show more content…
She was not looking for the man who just had money and power, and no respect and love towards her wife. She wanted a true hero in her life, which she got after she got married with a Tea Cake (her third husband). After marrying to Tea Cake, she felt that she was born-again and was going to be happy and loved by him forever. Even after knowing that Tea Cake was from low social class and a migrant worker in the Everglades, Janie falls in love with him and gets married. Tea Cake took good care of Janie by giving her all the happiness he could give to Janie. Tea Cake was not rich in money and power, but he was rich with his heart. This is one of the biggest things a woman was needed during that

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