Theft Of Words Essay

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Theft of Words
Upon reading the beautiful words written in a story you stop and think if only I could write like that. The thought trickles through your mind, I could always just “borrow” the words, change it around a little bit and make it my own. Then reality hits you and you do the right thing, which some people do not, write your own words. Everyday words are stolen from countless authors, without due credit for their writing being received; well ladies and gentlemen this is known as plagiarism. There are many different forms of plagiarism, you can use whole sentences, just a few words, or even whole paragraphs. If you use an author’s words, you must document it correctly. Within the Notre Dame Honor code it plainly states, “The pledge to uphold the Academic Code of Honor includes an understanding that a student’s submitted work, graded or ungraded -- examinations, draft copies, papers, homework assignments, extra credit work, etc. -- must be his or her own.” They are very efficient in breaking down the rules and the expectations.. Within their honor code, there are seven points. Each of these points essentially says the same thing, you must use your own words, you must have permission to use your past words, and if you use another authors words, you MUST give that author credit. They are not asking too much of each student, only for them to use honesty and integrity. Yale College has a different way to show their view on plagiarism. Yale defines plagiarism…

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