Essay about Theatre 112 Quizes

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Theatre 112 quizzes

Assessment 1:
Librettist  in charge of writing the dialogue of a musical
Choreographer  creates and teaches dances
Adelaid’s Lament  guys and dolls
Director  control of artistic vision
Score  collection of songs
Libretto  total collection of lyrics and dialogue
Composer  in charge of creating melodies
Lyricist  in charge of writing words to songs
Producer  in charge of monetary aspects
Im an ordinary man  song in My fair lad

Assessment 2:
1. despite their rigid natures, Gilbert and Sullivan often put songs from other composer – FALSE
2. Florentine Camerata was a group for helping create opera – TRUE
3. At the end of HMS Pinafore Ralph marries buttercup – False; Josephine
4. Belt –
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Show boat takes place btw: 1890-1927
24. During 1900-1920- - all were composers except frank loesser
25. Beth burrier did NOT belt and sing ‘ theres no businesss like show business”
26. Ol man river from show boat became a national anthem for blanks
27. Allegro was NOT a successful roger and Hammerstein musical
28. Astaire was NOT masculine and Kelly was NOT elegant and debonair
29. Ziegfeld follies was known for all EXEPT – intimate story telling
30. Show boat was created or produced by all except – Richard Rodgers
31. Laury – when going to dance she has to chose btw jud and curly
32. Ali hakim – a peddler
33. Ado annie –in love with will parker
34. Will – sings everything is up to date in Kansas city
35. Jud – is dead by the end fo the musical
36. Curly – is exonerated by murdering jud
37. Sa thousands cheer – a revue that had esther water sing “suppertime”
38. No no Nannette – first American musical that was an international hit
39. 42nd street – a bubsby Berkley musical
40. show boat – based on edna ferbers book about the performers along the Mississippi river
41. cop rock – an unsuccessful musical tb show in the late 1980s
42. HMS pinafore – helped to create international copyright law
43. Of thee I sing – a musical that satirizes the government
44. Carousel – Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that tells life and death of billy bigelow
45. South pacific- only rogers and Hammerstein ever to win pultier

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