The 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Since Darwin first published his groundbreaking theory of evolution, the origin of life has long been a controversial topic for scholars. For theists, they hold the idea that Darwin’s evolution theory fails to explain how first living organism comes from. They believe that failure to show how the fist living organism occurs implies that there is a creator for life who is God. However, the naturalists such as Miller and Haldane shows that chemicals can react each other and form amino acid and other required compounds for living organism on early earth through experiments. Later, study shows that there are several flaws in Miller’s experiment thus fails to show the natural procedure for chemicals to form living organisms. Hence, The naturalist try to defend the theist’s argument but fail to give solid evidence to show how the living organism is formed from non-living chemicals.

From the theists’ perspective, the origin of life is initiated by the “creator”. In order to analysis the argument, the first term need to be defined is the principle of sufficient reason (PSR). PSR states that for every given fact X, there must be explanation why X is the case. The other thing we need to know before the argument is necessary being and contingent being. All beings exist in the world can be divided into two types, necessary being and contingent being. A being is defined as contingent being if the existence of it is depends on things beyond itself. A necessary being is “being such…

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