The 's Pursuits Of How And When People Of Different Racial Ethnicities

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Anderson’s pursuits of how and when people of different racial ethnicities have different encounters in everyday life and how they react to such things. Canopies are many spaces where people engage one another in a spirit of civility, or even comity and goodwill. Through some personal experience, they may come casually to appreciate one another’s differences and empathize with the other in a spirit of shared humanity. Under this canopy, there is a sense of familiarity that often breeds room for change. These comforting encourages allows them to be on their best behavior hopefully promoting peaceful relations. Here racially, ethnically, and socially diverse peoples spend casual and purposeful time together, coming to know one another through ethnographic work, a form of people watching that allows individuals informally to gather evidence in social interactions that supports their own viewpoints or transforms their commonsense understanding of social life. With diversity and cosmopolitanism, which basically means having acceptance of the space as belonging to all kinds of people, a cognitive and cultural basis for trust is established that often leads to the emergence of more civil behavior. Observing peoples and cultures Anderson can observe the problems that are faced with race and space and the ways in which people who use such spaces develop their own sense of community and diversity. Anderson goes on a journey and documents them by journaling them with the obstacles…

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