The 's Point Of View Essay

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This is from Bertha’s point of view starting from page 297 (A) after it is revealed that Mr. Rochester in fact has a wife living in Thornfield Hall up to page 299. Also a flashback to page 286 (the ripping of the wedding veil)*Note: Bertha cannot physically speak and can only make sounds, so all the dialogue by her will be her thoughts*
My hands were not tied today so I exercised them to count the seconds till Grace Poole arrived “one…two…three...four…five.” After five, I commenced again and again, “one…two…three…four…five.” Finally I heard the hangings of the wall come down and the knob turn. Grace Poole appeared with her candle in hand and stared at me with disbelief. “Oh no! Oh no! You untied yourself again. Master will not be pleased….wait! I heard commotions last night. Did you escape to hurt him again?” said Grace Poole.
I began to bellow, I meant well reader. I truly did. They thought I was not aware but I was. I heard Grace and Leah chattering about Rochester’s new bride to be. How it was no other than the governess that worked for him. I needed to warn her of the dangers of Edward and if she weds him she will be confined up in here just as I was. I would not fancy the life I have on anyone even my husband’s new mistress. So last night, after Grace Poole had gone to bed, I shattered out my cuffs and paid the governess a visit. I entered the room and there she was lying on her bed. I have to admit she was not as beautiful as I anticipated; quite plain actually.…

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