The 's Never Let Me Go Essay

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Our adaptation is based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go (2005) which follows the story of clones living in a dystopian society where their only purpose is to be donor’s givers. The aim was to delve deeper into clone’s perspective. At this moment, clones already had a clear awareness of what would happen to them, however resistance amongst clones is rising for the first time. Nevertheless, their key arguments are that clones deserve to share the same platform as humans. Furthermore, the choice of medium that was chosen to present is a multi-stage medium, but our primary medium is books. In addition, our intended audience would be humans of all ages. More importantly, we hope it would accomplish the same outcome as to what Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 did which caused tremendous controversy over the burning of books. Undeniably, our intention is for humans to recognize the pain and loss that the clones’ community has suffered. Additionally, we were illustrating clones in a different perspective, unafraid to elevate their power of speech and speak up for what is at stake. To achieve our purpose with its full potential, we deployed our adaptation in the NLMG universe. Furthermore, our medium is a multi-stage procedure which can be divided into two parts. First, it was set in a lecture hall in front of students from the University of Washington. Secondly, we as clones are presenting our upcoming book called, Children’s Tales from Hailsham’s Hospital Walls. In addition,…

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