The 's Multiple Streams Approach Essay

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Policy process in our country is shrouded by complex and often contradictory forces of continuous interaction and shifting ideals. In an effort to better conceptualize and demystify this process, frameworks such as Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Approach (MSA) seek to provide political actors with a model of how social problems are transformed into living policies. Multiple Streams Approach proposes that existing social circumstances when rightly reframed in policy proposals and paired with the optimal political climate, can lead to productive political decision making. Though ambiguous in its make-up, MSA can be a great model to use when attempting to identify the key factors involved in policy making. Our government’s political duty is to democratically support all factors of society through the managing of solutions and alternatives in the form of policies. Multiple Streams Approach proposes that the policy making process oddly enough flourishes in this ambiguity because we as political actors are not limited by distinctions (Zahariadis, 2014). MSA is made up of three elements or streams that when brought together under the right conditions can produce change. These streams are known as: problem framing, policy solutions, and political decision making. The first of these streams, problem framing/problem definition, is critical to the MSA. In reframing an issue in terms the opposition understands, the issue has a better chance of gathering political support for its cause.…

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