Essay on The 's Ethical Behavior And Decision Making Process

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As a director of a criminal justice academy, when questioning the agency’s ethical behavior and decision-making process, most employees feel threatened because they think we are trying to expose corruption in the system, instead of trying to prevent it. With this, our department does not require a mandatory training program that is solely based on how one should execute the most upright behavior when given any type of situation that they may, in the future, be inclined to. For this reason, I made it my obligation to develop an updated training program articulated around ethical dilemmas, that would not only strengthen our system, but would also reassure the community’s trust in the system. While gathering ideas on how this program would be ran, I mapped out different potential strategies that could alter an unethical system. First, I think it is important that we rethink employee incentives by setting more consistent standards, and assuring that our current employees are modeling the most righteous behavior. In our current Code of Ethics, the outline of the expected policies is utterly based upon behaviors that should, by all means, be avoided. As a result, we are exposed to a lot of inconsistency in our policies because some of our current leaders do not abide by these ethical standards, yet they get away with it, and this encourages future employees that it is okay to cut such ethical corners. To address this problem in the program, I will promote a more positive Code…

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