The Youth Is The Future Of Our Society Essay

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It is no question that the youth is the future of our society. In fact, the children who will come from the youth are the true future. Young adults are often pressured into making high stake decision early on in life. Most of the people born between 1990 and 2000 are preparing for their future; some are even having children. There is no decision scarier than that of how a person will raise his or her first child. Most are skeptical, have little knowledge, and are under a lot of pressure. This article could give younger readers that knowledge that they need to prepare for life with children. Although, the real question is, why would they care? If a young mother was expecting her first child, why would this article stand out to her? A title such as The Overprotected Kid is mysterious enough that a first time mother would want to read about it. Also, if you care about your child, you would, often times, want to do a lot of research to ensure that you will be doing things right. There isn’t a better place to get knowledge than from a mother who has experience and knows what it is like. This article, The Overprotected Kid written by Hanna Rosin, is a very moving and persuasive piece. Although Rosins logos was weak, she succeeded in reaching young parents because of her strong ethos and pathos. Hanna Rosin, the author of The Overprotected Kid, excels in two of the three types of persuasion. Her logos is probably the weakest speaking in terms of this audience. She gives lots of…

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