The Young Earth Creationism And The Great Flood Essay

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Young Earth creationism is the belief where the world was created in 6, 24-hour days, and the age of the world is approximately 6000 years old. The Young Earth creationism uses the great flood to show how it makes sense. Making the world and everything on it young. This ideal that the earth is young is not a new ideal and has been around since between 700 and 735 AD, when a monk by the name of Venerable Bede claimed the creation of the world was in 3952 BC. Many other people have placed the creation in the time frame of 3961 through 4004 BC. The Young Earth creationism view will show Biblical support, along with evidence dating and theologian James Ussher’s important key points. Genesis goes through the creation of the world where God created everything in prefect harmony, and there was no death for all of creation and after the fall of humanity, which brought death to both mankind, and all the animals of the earth. Genesis 5 through 9 covers the great flood, which is recognized to have taken place between 2500 and 3000 BC; by the use of science and archaeology these dates have been selected. By reading further into the Bible it lays out every generation to the death of Jesus Christ, where it starts counting from zero AD to present day times. Looking back at the Bible and how it lays out history for all generations to be able to the count time from the beginning.
In the article Flood Geology and the Grand Canyon it lays out the importance of the great flood and how it…

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