The Yellow Woman Silko Analysis

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"The yellow woman ." A short story written by Leslie Marmon Silko about a woman who meets a man while she was traveling along the river whom she believed was the "katsnia spirit" . The woman was told stories by her grandfather about a "yellow woman" who was taken by a spirit in the night , she lived with him until she was able to leave and return to her village . The young woman in the story is referred to by the man whom she believes to be is a spirit as "yellow woman". In the opening of the story she awakes next to him along the river and contemplates leaving when he tells her that she is coming back with him . She follows him back to his place in the mountains where she becomes even more intrigued with him
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She intends to go home after noticing that he is gone . Venturing out and exploring in the woods she finds herself right back at Silvas ' home. " When I saw the stone house I remembered that I meant to go home. But that didn 't seem important anymore ..." (pg 5. Silko yellow woman). Briefly after arriving back to his home she is met by him yet again where he tells her he 's been waiting for her . He asks her to accompany him into town where he intends to sell beef . She willingly accompanies him again , where they are encountered by a white man who confronts Silva about how he acquired the meat. The man continues to make racial statements towards the man. Silva speaks in native tongue and tells the woman to make her way back up the mountain . While riding she hears four shots and assumes Silva has shot the man. In turn she goes down the mountain and finds herself back along the river . She stays for a while and reminisces on the time they spent , she begins to feel saddened that she has to go. The woman tells herself that " he will come back and be waiting by the river sometime again . " ( pg 8 silko yellow woman). She returns home and decides to tell her family that she was kidnapped by some Navajo , her thoughts imediately reflected to her grandfather and how he would have loved a story about the "yellow

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