What Is The Difference Between The Yellow Wallpaper And Life In The Iron Mills

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In stories The Yellow Wallpaper and Life in the Iron Mills the characters face oppression due to their underprivileged status, in both stories the people who have power and opportunity to help don’t do anything to help them overcome their adversity which leads to them ultimately reaching a tragic ending.

The main characters face oppression because they are not seen as equal to the privileged. In Life in the Iron Mills, the character Wolfe is a hard worker but does not even fit in with the other workers. He creates sculptures because it is the only way he has to express himself. When the owner of the mill, Kirby, the town doctor, Dr. May, and a new man, Mitchell come to visit the mill they see his sculpture. The Doctor goes up to Wolfe
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In the yellow wallpaper, the woman's husband does not listen to her because she is unequal. He does not realize that the wallpaper is driving her crazy.In the story, she says “I’m getting really fond of the room, in spite of the wallpaper. Perhaps because of the wallpaper”(650). She claims she is starting to like the room she is living in “because of the wallpaper”. Although she says this, she is just obsessing over it. This is the moment where she acknowledges her connection and fondness with the wallpaper which ultimately drives her crazy. As a result of her husband's treatment, she was forced to live in the room with the wallpaper and continued to get worse, not better. In the second story, the men talk to Wolfe about changing his life but do not offer any real solutions. Wolfe asks, “will you help me”, but the men laugh at him and the doctor says “why should one be raised, when myriads are left? I have not the money boy”. The doctor won’t help him because he believes the only way to help him is with money. Even Wolfe believes that money would solve his problems. The doctor and the other men do not understand the real problems facing Wolfe, and the others who are underprivileged, so they can not help him.The privileged think they are doing all they can but they are just furthering their …show more content…
Because she was trapped all alone in this room she became insane. She believed there was a woman in the wallpaper. She said “The front pattern does move - and no wonder! The women behind shake it!”. Being trapped in the room drove her to insanity. She imagined the women because it was the only form of creativity she could have. Because of her restrictions and confinement she had no option to get better. Her husband's failure to listen to her and treat her correctly lead to this tragic ending for her. In Life in the irons mills, Wolfe is put in prison and the only way out he sees is to kill himself. When Wolfe sees a dog in the market he realizes that a dog has more freedom than him. The dog ”could walk back and forth as he pleased” while Wolfe can’t. His life has become less than a dog's. He sees suicide as the only way out of his underprivileged life. Both characters have no way out and because they were never helped or understood by anyone with the power they could not get

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