Essay about The Year 2050, All Of The Glaciers

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It’s the year 2050, all of the glaciers in the world disappear. Planet Earth loses its winter season and the new generation of kids won 't experience snow. Everyday is like summer and regular day has sixteen hours of sunlight and 8 hours of night time. People everyday die of heat stroke.
David is a average 14 year old boy. He likes to visit his grandpa to listen to his stories about snow and he always thought how it will feel like. As usual he arrived to his high school and his first class of the day was science. He loved his science class because of his teacher Earl. Earl wasn’t a regular teacher because he worked in Area 51 but was fired because he was selling classified documents. David always thought his teacher was a bit strange. Earl would always talk about his old college friends and said all of them were as smart as Einstein.
David couldn’t take the heat. He sweated buckets everyday. He always told his friends about the snow stories his grandpa told him.
It was November and he knew that in the previous years this when snow started to fall. David talked to his friends and he told them to think of ideas how they could make it snow but at the end it was impossible. They were just a group kids that couldn’t do anything. David knew Earl had very brilliant friends, so he asked Earl to tell his old college friends to come after school tomorrow and come up with a scheme to make it snow. Earls classroom was crowded with brilliant men and women. After a few ideas they came up…

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