The Wrong Cure For Sex Trafficking Essay

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Human trafficking is so concealed, yet it is a huge issue in today 's world. Amrita Biswas and Zach Weissmueller share two different opinions while arguing on human trafficking. In Biswas article “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh: Some concerns”, it argues against human trafficking and the huge issue it brings to the world, comparing sex trafficking to slavery. The second article “The Wrong Cure for Sex Trafficking” written by Weissmuller, argues more toward legalizing human trafficking and the consequences of victims suffering. Biswas clearly has a better article because it shows a better Pathos and Logos argument over Weissmuller’s better Ethos argument. Weissmuller’s article incorporates a better ethos argument because he focuses on what the people say. In his argument he says “So what would actually reduce sex trafficking? Making prostitution legal” (.....). Sex trafficking is illegal in almost all United States, except Nevada. It is barely even illegal in other countries, especially third world or countries in poverty. Weissmuller tries to relate to the victims of human trafficking. He claims that “When you legalize something, it takes all the nonsense out of the business” (Weissmueller, 2014, par.) The article did a good job of providing reasoning for making human trafficking legal.
Although Anita Biswas clearly had a better article than Zach Weissmueller, she lacked a convincing ethos argument. In Biswas article “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh:…

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