The World 's Struggle With Hunger And The Malnourishment Of Millions Of People

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A major topic of concern today can be found in the world’s struggle with hunger and the malnourishment of millions of people. In attempt to address this matter, many countries have turned to genetically modified foods, causing many people to debate on whether or not they could be the answer to world hunger. Unfortunately, the countries not participating in the genetically modified foods movement are the main ones in need of food and nourishment. One author, Robert Paarlberg, attempts to describe the great need and positivity of allowing these modern growing methods in his article, “Attention Whole Foods Shoppers.” Through the use of convincing facts, rhetorical devices, proposals, and addressing opposing views, Paarlberg effectively argues his position.
Throughout the article, Paarlberg attempts to convince the reader that there is a problem with world hunger and even proposes solutions to the problem, which in turn strengthens his claim. For instance, he seeks to convince readers of problems when he emphasizes that “poverty – caused by the low income productivity of farmers’ labor – is the primary source of hunger in Africa, and the problem is only getting worse” (Paarlberg, par. 4). The author sufficiently uses the words “the problem is only getting worse” to convince readers that there is a problem and if it is not solved, then the situation will only go downhill. In response to this reality, Paarlberg wants readers to strive to make a change. Along with attempting…

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